Arrow Contract To Be Renewed By CW?



We take a look at the possibility of Arrow’s heads renewing contracts with CW

DC has been always ahead of Marvel when it comes to comics, games, TV shows and even animations. But Marvel seems to have trodden far ahead in the movie arena. While Marvel will be releasing its third and most exhilarating Avengers film this summer, DC has had a hard time introducing its Justice League to the masses. DC has to a certain extent struggled even in the TV shows, despite having a first mover’s advantage.

If all you DC fans are disappointed, you are not to blame. But at the same time we urge you to keep your hopes up. There is a possibility of the Arrow and other shows of the Arrowverse being renewed for another season at CW. Mark Pedowitz, the CW President in an interview to the Entertainment Weekly at the Television Critic’s Association winter press tour touched upon the possibility.

Pedowitz regarding the issue said that “At the moment, it’s a little too soon. We’re noted for announcing at winter TCA that we’re picking up shows, we just weren’t ready to do that yet. A couple more weeks [and] we’ll probably get around to it. I’m pretty confident we’ll see them all back.” He added that ““We’re not quite ready to do that. We’re a couple of weeks out. I’m pretty confident a lot of the [CW] slate is coming back. We’re just not ready to make that a formal announcement yet. It is only Jan. 7. It’s just a question of the board and I getting together and having a discussion about it. We just weren’t ready with the holidays and this came just days later. We’ll get there. I’m confident most of our schedule is coming back.”  

So it would seem that its likely that Arrow and other DC shows will continue for the near future.Yet at the same time perhaps the show runners at Arrow may want to spice things up a bit as the show has been on a downward trajectory for a long time now and something new is needed to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. Perhaps a bit of Constantine could do the trick?