Arrow 5.5 Comic Scheduled To Come Out In 2018



The Wolfhall takes a look at the Arrow 5.5 comic  that is currently  in the pipeline

The Flash and Arrow have made quite a mark through their respective TV shows. Both super heroes have diverse and interesting storylines and have often also crossed each other’s universe opening new avenues for the fans. The show’s promoters currently must adopt differentiation strategies to outwit its competitors. One such technique could be by complementing the core service with value enhancers such as a book.

Often fans are left confused after a season ends with many questions unanswered. We see numerous fan theories on various websites. Fans from across the globe share speculate differently making it almost impossible for a common to put his biases aside. The arrow franchise has decided to address this dilemma by answering complex and unanswered questions that fans have.

Marc Guggenheim, the producer for Flash has decided to write a book on the Arrow, titled “Fatal Legacies”. The novel is expected to be released on January 30, 2018 and will the bridge the gap between season 5 and 6 of the Arrow. The novel is also being called the Arrow 5.5

As reported by Heroic Hollywood, the synopsis of the book is as follows. The untold story bridging between ARROW seasons 5 and 6, exclusive to this novel! In the devastating aftermath of season five, Team Arrow must resume their mission to protect Star City. Those who have survived Chase’s trap on Lian Yu discover that his plans did not end there. If his legacies aren’t stopped, countless more will die.

Speaking of Arrow ; Season 6 promises to be a wild ride with the viewers getting a first glimpse of Deathstroke’s Son and finding out who survived the blast at the Island., and of course a brand new baddie amongst other things. It will be interesting to see how things shape up in Arrow Season 6.