Arrival of Wonder Woman in The CW’s Supergirl


The beautiful Lynda Carter a.k.a Wonder Woman will finally be making her huge debut as the President of the United States of America in tonight’s episode of Supergirl on The CW. In order to introduce her entrance, a preview clip was released recently which also features Melissa Benoist’s cute response to her.

Carter was seen last week participating in the celebrations of the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman but the fans were overjoyed (that includes me too!!) when we found out that Carter will be joining the cast of Supergirl as USA’s President. The series already has some of the ‘super’ cast members already aboard with them that includes Helen Slater, Dean Cain and Laura Vandervoort but somehow, the introduction of Wonder Woman was just a cherry on top!

In tonight’s episode of Supergirl, apart from getting to know more about Chris Wood’s Mon-El, Supergirl and the DEO are responsible for the protection of President Olivia Marsden while she visits National City. A sneak peek was shared on the official Supergirl YouTube account today.

Watch it here: 

If you were to read the comments beneath this YouTube video, you will see that it isn’t just you and I that read “Welcome to Earth Scene 2” as “Welcome to Earth 2”; yeah it’s not Earth 2 here…. Keeping in mind Earth 2 from The Flash, we would like to see how the four-show crossover is going to feature Supergirls current existence in another earth…..

In order to inquire from Carter herself, tune in to the official Facebook page of Supergirl this afternoon at 3.15 pm ET/12:15 pm PT.

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