My Apology To Mr. Bryan Singer , I Should Have Done My Due Dilligence



In this recent wave of allegations against A-list Hollywood celebrities its sometimes easy to get carried away. Recently I published an article which focused around allegations of sexual abuse against Deadpool 2 star TJ Miller. The since then deleted post however also contained a mention of something which I should have paid more attention to and ensured was 100% accurate before publishing it.

In a now deleted article I failed to do my due diligence and mentioned that Bryan Singer was proven guilty and is currently serving a lawsuit for sexual assault. This was false news. Thewolfhall were recently contacted by Mr. Singer’s legal representatives regarding the matter and have decided to put the record straight.

Till now all there have been allegations from unverified sources, and nothing has been proven in the court of law yet. Furthermore at the time of writing this there is no evidence to suggest that Mr. Singer was involved in any form of sexual abuse . I should have known better than to publish news based on rumors and misinterpret what was in front of me and hence I would like to apologize to Mr. Singer on behalf of the Thewolfhall and ensure that I will do my due diligence in the future before publishing a story .

There is an important lesson here to ensure and vet each and every piece of information that comes our way, and as a journalist it’s my responsibility to convey nothing but the truth. It is something that I failed to do this time around and for that I apologize to our readers as well.