Anthem Seems Promising From BioWare; Future Expansions Are Confirmed



It’s not a mystery that this year’s E3 was quite a bit underwhelming in terms of the “wow” factor but one of the things that stood out most was Anthem. BioWare’s new IP with a focus on story and multiplayer seemed to blow us away at EA PLAY as we got to see a short teaser trailer for the game. Apart from a few small details, there is not a lot that we know about Anthem but Microsoft answered a few things which definitely sparked our interests.


Anthem was reportedly put into development half-way through Andromeda’s development cycle and it was codenamed as Project Dylan. A number of prominent members of BioWare’s development team were put towards developing Anthem.


Anthem is described as more of an action-adventure game rather than focusing on RPG elements.The game is still going to have RPG aspects as BioWare is famously known for but with also a huge focus on an intriguing story.


“We are building the world in a way that we can continually expand it, that we always give you more reasons to come back and play it. So I think packing the world like this full of stories is what we are really after”


There was no word about PvP but this statement clearly hints at single-player expansion packs and DLCs which are sure to enhance the experience of the game. The game seems to be BioWare and EA’s version of Destiny but with a feature-rich open world.


Anthem is set for release sometime next year for the PS4, Xbox One and PC and we are sure to get a lot of trailers and gameplay as the year progresses. The beautiful and vast open world of BioWare’s new IP is sure to be at the center of focus of everyone so stay tuned for more on Anthem.