Another Twist in Mr. Robot?


The series which centers around young programmer Elliot Alderon, is once again playing with the minds of the audience and while Elliot speaks to us, what actually happens in the show is not what is quiet expected.
“You knew all along, didn’t you?” Elliot asks the viewer after the greatest uncover of Mr. Robot in the first season. Numerous, perhaps most, viewers predicted the current week’s plot turn. In any case, heading into the season finale, there is a lot happening in the hacker drama that is insane and confusing to say the least.
Keeping in mind the death of the boss, who is a major character of the show It is likely that the producers will give us another twist in Mr. Robot. This is mainly because the show has developed a reputation for messing with the audience and also giving them false hope. From the last seasons reveal that Mr. Robot is actually the dead father of Elliot and is nothing but a figment of his imagination, to this seasons mind boggling reveal that Elliot is not staying at his mothers’ home in order to rehabilitate himself but rather he is actually in jail.
Keeping in mind all of the above and the fact that the show has already had a death of a major character this season and also that the story of Tyrell Wellick did not really have an appropriate resolution which might as well point to a big return.
Additionally, Tyrell has a lot of potential for character and story development, not to mention that his death also leaves Joanna with barely any plot or motivation to work with. All of this, nonetheless, does point to a return from Tyrell Wellick.
In the current episodes, the phone calls to Joanna Wellick do not really seem like they are from Tyrell and the audience is actually expecting it to be Elliot and that is exactly the reason it will not be. The producers of the show are always playing with the minds of the viewers and whatever is expected by the audience, the opposite always happens.
Hence I believe that you should expect the unexpected yet again , and although it might not be Elliot calling Joanna , he might in one way or another be involved with the phone calls.
Is Elliot behind the phone calls to Joanna ? Have your say in the comments section below.