First Look At The Anime Titled Batman Ninja



We take a look at the trailer of Batman’s latest anime which has been aptly titled Batman Ninja.

The Dark Knight is back yet again , but this time in a whole new Anime titled Batman Ninja which is set in Feudal Japan and is set to be released in 2018. Batman animated films have always offered dark themes and perhaps venturing into the Japanese type anime content offers a perfect fit for our cape crusader.

Warner Bros released two trailers for the film, one with English subtitles and the other in pure Japanese. The latest movie seems to have further augmented the dark theme and might be as serious as ever. The main antagonist in the film is the Joker but he is not alone. It seems that he has formed an alliance with some of Batman’s most lethal foes including Poison Ivy, Penguin and Harley Quinn. Meanwhile Batman is aided by Nighwing, Robin, Catwomen and Alfred.

How exactly Batman and the Joker ended up in Japan is still unknown but we feel that the concept was innovative. Batman was already a master of combat with impeccable investigation skills. Now with the move towards Japan, Batman can add another major skill which is to become a ninja. In the trailer we see Batman taking some classes in a Japanese dojo. Clearly, Batman is learning how to become a ninja and is adding new skills to his arsenal.

What sets this movie apart from the rest is the depiction of the Joker. The Joker is looking far more formidable than ever. The Joker in this installment is bringing both brains and brawns to the table. In the closing scenes of the trailer we see the Joker giving Batman quite a hard time in the sword fight that they are having.

Going out to Japan might be a wise move by DC and Warner Bros. Markets in the USA might just be saturating and the studio might feel that market development is the best strategy to adapt for the future.

Batman Ninja seems to be an interesting new take on the caped crusader, if you haven’t already watched the trailer you can do so by clicking on the video below.