Amazon To Take Destiny 2 Collector’s Edition Pre Orders From April 9

destiny 2

Bungies upcoming Destiny 2 will have a premium Collector’s Edition alongside a standard edition. Pre-orders for the Collector’s Edition will begin on the 9th of April, according to a leak from Amazon Live Support.

However, no details are known regarding the price of Destiny 2’s Collector’s Edition. The contents of the Collector’s Edition are also a mystery for the time being, but we’ll find out soon enough. We can probably expect a season pass, giving premium buyers instant or maybe even early access to the games DLC, which will probably be plentiful considering the original Destiny’s plentiful post-release content.

The release dates of the games expansions are already available, courtesy of a FAQ page sent out to US GameStop stores. According to the page, Expansion 1 will release in Fall 2017, while Expansion 2 will launch during spring 2018. So it seems Bungie has big monetization plans for Destiny 2, and we can expect the game to have a sizeable community even an year or two after launch.

Further news for veterans of the original Destiny: If you’ve completed the Black Garden Story mission and are Level 20 or above, you can transfer your class, race, gender, face, hair and markings from the original game to Destiny 2. You won’t be able to transfer everything, but it’s still something right?

Bungie is set to steal the show at E3 2017, where they’ll be doing a full fledged reveal of Destiny 2 with a detailed plan on how the franchise as a whole be moving forward. As part of their partnership with Sony, the reveal is also expected to show PlayStation exclusive content from the game.

Destiny 2 is the much awaited sequel to Destiny. The game is slated for release on September 8 for Xbox One, PS4 and, for the first time, PC.Let us know if you will be pre-ordering by commenting in the comments section below