Amazon Is Now Taking Pre-Orders For Xbox One Scorpio

xbox one S

The highly anticipated Microsoft’s Xbox One Scorpio is getting a reveal at 6th April 2017 and is already listed for Pre Orders on Amazon. The console can’t be bought at the moment as it is currently listed as “Currently Unavailable” but that might change as E3 2017 draws closer.

The specs of Project Scorpio have been a mystery so far but that is going to change as the console reveal is confirmed for the aforementioned date. The pricing and the pre order date might still be pretty far away.

Getting early pre orders is a smart approach to make sure that the console sells out before release as it is one of the most awaited products from Microsoft ever since it was first confirmed. With the PS4 Pro already out in the market boasting 4K( although not native) gaming capabilities, Project Scorpio will look to capitalize on this by providing true/native 4K in a console.

This means that the Project Scorpio will boast significantly better hardware as it is confirmed that it will have 6 teraflops of performance power. The PS4 Pro had a rather flimsy launch as it had many performance issues and most games were actually running better on a regular PS4 than on the Pro.

While it isn’t confirmed whether Project Scorpio will have any better performance (at least at launch), one can hope that it will bring PC-like performance to couch gaming and consoles. It’s pre orders will be picking up as soon as the launch draws near anytime near the Christmas Holidays.

The reveal will be an interesting event for people that are hyped for Scorpio and it will certainly shed light on a lot of things like specs and where it stands in terms of performance when compared to a PS4 Pro or a Gaming PC. Stay tuned for more on Project Scorpio!