Amazon Best-Selling Holiday Games Are Pokemon Sun/Moon & Final Fantasy XV


Now that the holidays have almost passed and the huge shopping season is gone, Amazon has shared a list of the best-selling products of several different categories on their website; the list is limited to holiday season only. There was a category of games as well and the ones that reached the top were the most recent Pokemon and Final Fantasy.

Amazon did not mention any specific sales statistics for any of this but in a press clearly shared that Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon and Final Fantasy XV for PS4 were three best-selling games on their website. There was no mention of the specific time period that this was calculated on the basis of but it was undoubtedly November and December.

Referring to the super successful and strong launch of Sun and Moon, it was kind of obvious that it had to be on the list as it broke Nintendos records for being the fastest-selling game in many regious, globally. An announcement was made by Square Enix that their game, Final Fantasy XV has shipped (not necessarily sell) around 5 million copies of the game, all around the globe .

On the contrary, one of the eternally biggest seller in video games, Call of Duty has been struggling with one of its games, Infinite Warfare but it did reach the top of the NPD’s November Sales Chart in the US and has been on the top of the UK Charts since the past three weeks but seems like it hasn’t made it to the best selling list of games during the holidays on the Amazon list which has come as a shock to many.

Lastly, on Amazon, the best-selling movies during holiday season were The Secret Life of Pets, Finding Dory, and the Harry Potter collection. To see what came out on the top of the list of other categories, click here.