Almost 10% OF Resident Evil 7 Players Are Using VR To Play The Game


Resident Evil 7 : Biohazard was a surprise announcement on last years E3 conference, and to be fair no one had expected the game to be a phenomenal success when it released last Tuesday. one of the key features of the game is the ability to play it in VR, and unlike other PSVR game this is a proper game and not a gimmick.

The series is a departure from traditional Resident Evil games and features a brand new protagonist, and a brand new story line which focuses on a family in rural Louisiana. The fresh take on the series is a major factor on the games success, as most fans were getting tired of the direction that the series was taking before the release of Resident Evil 7. Credit must also be given to Capcom who went back to the games survival horror roots and have created a game which is fresh . unique and which can scare the crap out of anyone who is playing the game on PSVR.

Another important factor for the game’s success is the ability to play it in VR. A word of advice this ain’t for the faint of heart, as it can make even the toughest of men jump right out of their skins.

The game has been a huge success on VR and it website shows that nearly 10% of the game’s player base is playing the game on VR. Considering the game has been released just over a week ago these are pretty impressive numbers. At the time of writing this 920,041 people have been “welcomed to the family”,whereas around  87196 players are using VR to play the game which is 9.48% of the total player base.

These numbers are only going to improve with time , and its great to see one of the greatest survival horror franchise’s to make such a strong comeback

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