Is Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Introducing A New Captain America?


In last night’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., “Meet the New Boss”, the character of Jason O’Mara was introduced. Marvel had kept O’Mara’s character a mystery which will lead up to the new season of the series as the substitution for Clark Gregg’s Phil Coulson as the new director of the Titular Organization. However, hints have been given that O’Mara may have roots which go back in Marvel history back to the 1940s. And now the new directors’ name has also been revealed; it is Jeffrey Mace and he surely does have a pretty important background from Marvel.

First of all, let’s focus on the fact that since the character had been verbally addressed as “Jeffrey” in the previous episode, but the subtitles told us that his name is “Mace”. For sure, Marvel is going to play with our minds and make us curious regarding his real identity in the weeks to come but it is pretty obvious that it is Jeffrey Mace who is also known as the Patriot, in the comics. And once he was known as ……. CAPTAIN AMERICA!

The first appearance of Mace goes way back in 1941s, “The Human Torch #4” and this was during the Golden Age of comics when Marvel was called Timely Comics and during the time when the Torch was not that smart-bickering kid from the Fantastic Four but rather an android who could burst into flames. With the name “the Patroit”, he also showed up in a batch of issues of the anthology book Marvel Mystery Comics, however, he never gained the popularity which his fellow player from Timely, the Torch, Prince Namor, or Captain America.

After a few decades, the Patriot made its appearance again in the 1970s; first in the popular Kree-Skrull War story in The Avengers in 1972 and secondly in The Invaders in 1976. The latter one retconned the history of Cap, Namor and the Torch along with their sidekicks as a team that fought side to side in World War II whilst the Patriot appeared in order to become a member of the Liberty Legion next to Whizzer and Miss America.

On the contrary, Jeffrey Mace/Patriot became ultra-interesting in another retcon when he was Captain America because Steve Rogers was on ice after the war. The scenario was that Rogers had been resuscitated from suspended animation by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in Avengers #4 in the year ’64; the duo of writer-artist was actually reinventing the Cap’s history. As the character was in publication during and preceding World War II, there was not any storyline which involved him being frozen. He returned home from the war with Bucky but as the popularity of superhero comics reduced in the intervening years, so did Cap. However, there were several endeavors to keep it going till the 50s where the character fought but Steve Rogers slowly faded away.

In any case, with Marvel’s congruity being so essential, it must’ve bothered the writers and artists taking after Cap’s arrival in 1964 that there were all these weird and arbitrary stories about him that occurred after he was supposedly frozen. Thus it was in the end clarified that different people subtly took control over the mantle of Captain America while Steve Rogers was absent. That incorporated the previous Patriot, Jeffrey Mace, for a spell.


Presently, while it appears to be improbable that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will have their adaptation of Mace wear the uniform and shield of Captain America, it merits noting that Cap was mentioned in the previous night’s episode. Mace is launching of S.H.I.E.L.D. once again as a “legitimate agency” and he particularly says that Steve Rogers has gone AWOL in the wake of Captain America: Civil War. Mace is no customary human either – he’s been built up as an Inhuman with super-strength and durability, so he surely could fill in for Cap after all other options have been exhausted. What’s more, who knows, possibly in the MCU there were additionally different guys who filled the part of Captain America in the decades amongst WWII and Rogers’ return… folks like Jeffrey Mace.