How ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Connects to ‘Doctor Strange’


Generally, Marvel’s films and Marvel’s shows work independent of each other. Characters infrequently move amongst them, and it’s absolutely conceivable to appreciate one side without giving careful consideration to the next. Still, they all in fact have a place with similar congruity, and from time to time, they get a kick out of the chance to help you to remember that reality. Like right at this point, with Doctor Strange drawing closer to be released in theaters, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has uncovered an otherworldly connection to the film.

Two or three scenes prior, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. dropped a reference to something known as the Darkhold. At that point the latest scene (season four, episode four, “Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire”) shed somewhat more light on the thing. Eli (José Zúñiga) clarifies that Lucy, the ghost that has been raising hell this season, arrived in such a state after a failed try to fabricate a quantum particle generator that can make matter out of nothing. Presently she and her kindred spirits are after the Darkhold, an ancient rarity that, as per Coulson, not by any means Red Skull, Daniel Whitehall, or Nick Fury have possessed the capacity to discover.

In the comics, the Darkhold (a.k.a. the Book of Sins) was composed billions of years prior by an evil entity known as Chthon. It’s maybe the most powerful book of dark enchantment ever made, and a standout amongst the most dangerous mysterious things in the Marvel universe; in addition to other things, it’s behind the formation of werewolves and vampires. Normally, all that power comes at an exceptionally steep cost to mortal clients, similar to one’s own spirit.

Initially presented in the comics in 1972, the Darkhold has appeared a few times throughout the years in conjunction with a few key Marvel characters — including Stephen Strange, who came into ownership of it sooner or later. It’s without a doubt no coincidence that the old mysterious relic is springing up in the show generally as the movies gear up to present Strange for the first time on the wide screen. The plot of Doctor Strange includes the villain, Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen) stealing forbidden books from his ex mentor, the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton). Could the Darkhold be among those titles?

It’s actually worth bringing up that the Darkhold has ties to some other Marvel characters who have not yet joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as Conan the Barbarian, Red Sonja, and Blade. Contingent upon how things work out, the book could serve not only a connection between Doctor Strange and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in any case as well, perhaps, sometime in the not so distant future, an approach to set up some different characters to join the establishment. Meanwhile, S.H.I.E.L.D’s. Darkhold plot resembles it’s a long way from being done, so we may learn significantly more about its part in the MCU in the coming weeks.