Additional Units Of PSVR Will Be Available On Resident Evil 7 Launch in Japan


Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan announced that additional units of PSVR will be available at domestic retail stores and EC site starting from January 26 2017.

This coincides with the release of the game Resident Evil 7 which is going to be released on the same day, and is fully VR compatible as well. Resident Evil is one of the pioneers of survival horror and a VR experience is sure to chill you to the bones.

Additional information regarding the release and the extra units can be found by visiting the official PSVR Japanese site.

This comes as a welcome move as in the past there was a severe shortage of PSVR units in the UK , with many individuals having to wait after the holidays were over to get their hands on one. Most retail outlets were either sold out , or if you were lucky enough you could get your hands on one unit, or buy one at an exorbitant amount from a third party owner.

The game will launch on January 24th in the US , and a trailer was recently released which showed the player sit down and have a meal with the baker family who are a bunch of cannibals , and is extremely grisly to say the very least. The game is a welcome addition to the franchise which had gone a bit stale after a while , and it seriously needed a new beginning to attract new fans and re-engage  new ones.

There is a lot riding on the shoulders of Resident Evil , and it may yet determine the survival and how the series is going to shape up in the future, but for now though it seems to be a positive start.

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Source: Famitsu