Adding VR To Resident Evil 7 Was Like Working On Two Games At Once Says Dev


Resident Evil 7 was a phenomenal success, and this was partly due to Resident Evil 7 VR which was touted by many as being one of the best immersive horror experience .

In a recent interview with Gamasutra Resident Evil 7’s lead VR engineer Kazuhiro Takahara talked about the challenges they faced while implementing  VR in the is what he had to say:

“We ran into a variety of challenges: not being able to use prior development experience as a foundation, not being able to lean on still-camera cut-scenes, not being able to rely on old control scheme conventions,” he says. “Because of this, ‘it feels like working on two games’ was a pretty common sentiment felt by the development staff.”

Yet most of us will agree that despite the challenges faced by Takahara and his team , the game turned out to be a really good VR experience , and in many ways was the first fully functioning game to take advantage of the PSVR’s full capabilities.

In many ways it was a gamble which has paid off tremendously, by creating a VR experience for a major AAA title Takahara and his team have created a precedent which will be followed by other development teams. Takahara San seems to have been embraced the challenges that come along with the technology , and is looking to implement VR in future projects as well.

“This is definitely something we’d like to utilize in future products. We learned a tremendous amount from working with VR. What was most inspirational for me was the development team taking initiative in tackling a giant challenge. There was zero assurance that we’d succeed, but we were motivated by positive response to Kitchen and recognizing that this was a brand new experience that no one had seen before.”

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