Accusations Levelled At Sony For Targeting No Man’s Sky Refund Hunters


Ah No Man’s Sky, the game these days has become the ire of each and every gaming enthusiast, and it might be argued that it right now boosts an approval rating of – 0.0024. After the said negative reception many frustrated gamers managed to return the game, despite Sony having an extremely tight refund policy in the past. Sony actually had to make a special exception for NMS.

However it now appears that some refunders are complaining that their PSN ID’s have been blocked. That is according to these posts at NeoGAF.

“Apparently it now seems that myself and others can’t access PSN Support chat for absolutely anything because Sony seems to have blocked off our IDs from support chat. Trying with a made up ID takes us to chat. All of us seem to have the same situation of having previously requested a refund or a cancellation.”


At this point though we only have the word of few select individuals however it does seem that a storm is brewing as more than a few individuals have come forth with this claim. It’s unclear at this point that the refunds are actually the reason for the ID blocks, however it does seem like a report worth investigating. As always stay tuned for more updates, and let us know if you have something to add by commenting in the comments section below.