Abra Kadabra Is Set To Appear In The Flash

Barry Allen

The Flash season 3 is about to get a dose of magic , as Abra Kadabra is set to appear in future episodes. It was reported by DCComics.Com that David Dastmalchian has been taken aboard the Flash team to take the character of Abra Kadabra. The rogue of the future is going to show up later this season and will reveal a secret which The Flash has been desperate to know of.

Citizen Abra is from the 64th century where he is a stage magician with the help of technology which almost everyone is likely to have. Now that he has travelled back in time, he impresses the audience but is again and again foiled back by the Flash when he breaks or disobeys the law. The fact that he is visiting the Flash goes hand in hand with a theory that Savitar is actually an illusion done by Kadabra, which makes Citizen Abra the true villain for this season. The theory does have some basis now that Kadabra is joining the show too.

David Dastmalchian is going to seem well-known for DC fans as he has been acting the role of Dwight Pollard on Gotham this season (the man who resurrected Jerome) and also was one of the Joker’s thug in The Dark Knight. Also, Marvel fans are going to recognize Dastmalchian from Ant-Man where he played the role of Kurt.

Now that The Flash is onto the end of the third season, we are going to catch Dastmalchian on our screens soon enough. Let us know what you’re thinking of about this new villain in The Flash in the comments section below!!