Aaero Devs Mad Fellow Reportedly Sick Of Xbox One X Criticism

Xbox One X


The Xbox One X from Microsoft has been the talk of the town ever since it was first unveiled and it has since gotten a lot of appraise for what it brings to the table. The console marketed as a “true 4k” gaming console has received very positive responses from people but there are some who took to criticism regarding multiple aspects of the console. Mad Fellows, reportedly, is getting tired of all this negativity for the console.

The developers recently talked to ThisGenGaming, where they addressed how they were pretty excited for the console. They also said how that they were sick of the criticism for the console and the need for everyone to use it to fuel the console wars. The majority of the criticism comes from fanboys that like to gather hate fuel for consoles that they do not like.

“Totally excited for the Xbox One X. I understand that people have criticisms but, to be completely honest, I’m tired of every announcement having a swath of negative backlash. The guys I play online with (and watch E3 keynotes with) decided long ago that we’d just get excited for stuff that looked cool and if we didn’t like something we’d just let it go. The console wars are hell, man. We’re never going back there! The games they showed off, like Metro, looked like a considerable jump in quality. I just need to save up enough to get one on launch day!”

The Xbox One X promises to deliver a native 4k console experience but most industry analysts have said that it needs much more such as exclusives if the console is to succeed. Whether that happens or not, we will find out this holiday season when the Xbox One X launches in November.

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