The Other 99: A Gruesome Fight For Survival


The Other 99 being available in Early Access on Steam made it possible for the developer, Burning Arrow to collect numerous feedback from players all over to further amplify and improve the game in the survival genre.

The Other 99 is a brutal first-person game that is based on action and survival. It takes you from your conventional and leaves you on desolate, windswept Hebridian Island with only a solitary note that says, “The main way off the island is through The Other 99”.

It is said that Developer Burning Arrow has just released a whole new update to the game. The Other 99 now consists a complete rebalanced combat, after which the tension and excitement just extended to a complete different level. Another important thing is that V0.4 is the last-ever update there is before something even bigger hits the game!

The Other 99 will extend your survival instincts to the limit as you battle to assemble sustenance, water and weapons on an island where you don’t have anything, where you are nothing. Compared with the fact that you have nothing special to use as a defense either.

It is dependent upon you to make yourself into something. Will you fiercely kill each one of the individuals who remain in your direction? On the other hand will you move quietly through the backwoods, dispensing with anybody that crosses your way? Simply recollect every individual is one of a kind and has their own particular story to tell and their own particular bits of the jigsaw that makes up The Other 99.

How far will you go to survive?

With no assistance or hope. Searching for anything that make sense, the player will understand the complexity of the scheme of the game. However uncovering the grand mystery might just help them survive till the last. For the player, dying in the game is actually the end. The game utilizes the Permadeath System, that means it wipes saved games and creates a whole new set of 99 unique AI providing the players with a different experience every time they play!