Final Fantasy XV Allows Cross Play On The Xbox One And PC



We take a look at how the latest update on Final Fantasy XV which will make a lot of fans happy as it will allow crossplay between the Xbox One and PC.

Final Fantasy XV is scheduled for release on the PC and it has gotten the gaming audience all excited. The game is expected to release on Steam, Origin and Windows store. However, the news out is that certain digital outlets will get certain specific features.

In the modern era of innovation and technology, it is quite possible to use expertise from one area and apply it on the other. Microsoft’s advantage of being on the PC and gaming console arena allows PC gamers to engage in cross play with the Xbox one.

This has opened up new possibilities and targeted a unique niche in the market. Often there are friend groups in which people are accustomed to different gaming platforms. Despite the advent of next generation consoles, PCs have retained their massive popularity. The latest feature will allow Xbox players to play multiplayer campaigns with their friends on the PC ending the long dilemma that has existed.

The latest feature however is expected to be only available to the Windows 10 version and thus validates our point of the features being specific to different digital outlets. Moreover, the Windows version of the game is expected to include an upgraded graphic performance. What’s best is that these features can be tested with the Benchmark tool which Square Enix (Developer of Final Fantasy) is providing free of cost.

This also means that players will be able to take advantage of the Comrades DLC which came out on consoles last year. It will coming part of the PC version of the Final Fantasy XV when it releases on the platform

The game is expected to be released on the PC by March 6, 2018.