86-Year-Old Grandma Pirates PC Game??

86 yo grandma
86 yo grandma

An 86 year old Christine McMillan from Ontario, Canada received an email that accused her of pirating a PC game, Metro 2033. She was flabbergasted to read that she is liable for $5,000. Wonder why she was shocked? Because she has no idea what Metro 2033 even is!

She isn’t another Grandma Shirley, sadly. But the email was legit, for sure. A report from Go Public said that the email was received from a private company called Canadian Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement and to her, it was forwarded by her internet provider.

When asked what happened, Christina said to Go Public, “ I found it quite shocking… I’m 86 years old. No one has access to my computer but me. Why would I download a war game?”

Not that it’s a crime for you to download a war game, granny. But we’ll believe you…maybe. She even told Go Public that she has an adult grandson but doesn’t have access to her computer.

The notice came as an aftereffect of the Canadian federal government’s Notice and Notice regulations, which were presented a year ago under the Copyright Modernization Act. The law compels some Internet suppliers to forward encroachment notification to clients who might have pirated or unlawfully downloaded or transferred copyrighted material.

With respect to McMillan, she’s not going to acknowledge the cold hard truth just yet. Until further notice, she will likely disregard the notification and trust that no one’s genuinely considering lawyering up against her. A costly and extended fight over a diversion she didn’t pirate? That doesn’t seem like an appealing prospect for anyone included.