80% Sale On European PlayStation Store

PlaySTation 4

The newest entry in the franchise of Final Fantasy is Final Fantasy XV and is available at an offer of 80% off on European PlayStation store but this might be a pricing error.

Moreover, the 80%discount is only up for those who have a subscription of PS Plus and they can get the game for £9.99 but those who do not have a subscription can avail a 40% discount from the European PS store.

Contrarily, Final Fantasy VV is not just the game which has been discounted on European PlayStation store as the sale also comprises of titles such as Uncharted 4, Gravity Rush 2, Until Dawn, Killzone Shadow Fall and many more.

It is essential to indicate that this sale is only well founded for the European PS store and the US PS Store is having its own sale.

In news related to this, Square Enix is also working on the forthcoming Episode Gladiolis DLC and the developers have unveiled that the gamers are in for a surprise at the end of the DLC.

Throughout the current PAX East panel, Final Fantasy XV Producer Haruyoshi Sawatari and Global Brand Manager, Raio Mitsuno unveiled some new information about the forthcoming DLCs of Final Fantasy XV.

As per Sawatari, the main reason of the forthcoming DLCs is basically to give back to the players and create content which is going to keep them engaged as well as let them have a good time. Additionally, he even said that Square Enix expects that the other character DLC, Episode Prompto and Episode Ignisis, are going to be similar to Episode Gladiolis in reference to scope and size.

A further tease was given by him that the players playing Episode Gladiolis are going to be in for a surprise at the end of Episode Promto.

Final Fantasy XV is an open-world action adventure game which is developed by Square Enix for Xbox One and PS4.