New Theories Come Forth Regarding Thor Ragnarok’s Post Credit Scene



Marvel has always entertained us with its end of movie credit scenes. The entertainment company along with Disney has created a new trend for fans to wait for the credits to end to see scenes outlining future movie moments.

Thor Ragnarok which was just released into theatres has baffled everyone. It seems that Disney and Marvel are two partners made in heaven. Whatever they touch literally turns into gold. One movie followed by the other is an even bigger box office success. But fans didn’t just like the third installment of Thor just because of its humor and epic storyline. The cut scenes at the end of the movie were cherry on top of a scrumptious chocolate cake leaving customers delighted.

Thor: Ragnarok is probably the last film before the Avengers: Infinity Wars. It would probably be the final piece to the puzzle leading to the advent of Thanos and his wrath upon on her movies. Before this film, however, fans hadn’t seen enough of Thanos but the cutscenes have truly revealed some spoilers as we go into infinity wars.

After Thanos’ minions fail him, he decides it would be better if he attends to his endeavors alone. In the end credit scene we see a huge ship drawing over Thor’s smaller one. Director of Thor: Ragnarok, Taika Waititi has confirmed that his ship belongs to Thanos and is called the Sanctuary II.

There is a slight possibility that Thanos captures our heroes. Loki who seems to have sided with Thor in the latest film might also be punished by Thanos for not completing his tasks. . Thor might manage to flee however and team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy on his way back to Earth. There is a possibility that the Guardians actually end up saving Thor.

Either way it takes the excitement for Infinity War up a notch.