Watch: Cuphead’s Detailed Animation Process And How Its Characters Come To Life



Cuphead’s initial announcement back in 2014  got Xbox and gaming fans in general really excited, and its release isn’t far off. As announced in E3 2017 the game developed by StudioMDHR will be releasing on September 29, 2017 on both the Xbox One and Windows 10, via the Windows Store.

The game is really set apart from other games with it’s unique gameplay style and stylized as a 1930’s cartoon. That being one of the fundamental reasons why it is one of the most heavily anticipated titles for the Xbox One.

Recently in an Keynote hosted by  StudioMDHR’s, Jake Clark stated that the game was inspired by cartoons such as that of Fleischer Studios, Disney, and cartoonists Ub Iwerks, Grim Natwick, and Willard Bowsky, particularly their most “subversive and surrealist” elements. For those of you who are unaware Cuphead takes its inspiration from cartoons of yesteryear  , and as previously mention this fresh and yet retro theme is what sets it apart from most games of the current generation.

The main character going over 100 redesigns with either a fork or a tophat for a head. Chad Moldenhaue who previously worked as a graphic designer would  draw the animations and paint them to match the styles of 1930’s cartoons with the only thing that remains constant with the modern era is the fact that the game runs at a steady 60FPS.

Despite still awaiting release Cuphead is expected to be extended via expansion packs with 10 to 15 bosses each. It looks like a title which will indeed go on to create a legacy.

Cuphead is scheduled to release on September 29, 2017 for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One as a lifetime exclusive, and it is one title that I personally cant wait to play. The game is being developed with the Unity game engine.Check out the video below which details Cuphead’s animation process in all its glory.