Watch: Marvel’s Inhumans SDCC 2017 Trailer



The wolfhall takes a look at the latest trailer of Marvel’s Inhumans and scrutinize how the show will shape up

The race between DC and Marvel is getting intense as both studios ramp up their production of super hero shows. Marvel just released another trailer of its iconic TV series the Inhumans today. The series is scheduled to release in September and will be one of many new TV shows set to be released by Marvel.

One of the most prominent features of the trailer was “Everything Looks Bigger In IMAX”. The TV show is set to premier on ABC but before coming to the TV screen, the first few episodes of the show will be shown in IMAX theatres. This is a major development as Inhumans would be the first show that will be premiered in IMAX theatres.

While Inhumans is a completely different chapter in the Marvel universe, it still gives a familiar look. Most of Marvel’s comics and movies somehow or the other depict humans having special abilities who are treated badly for being different. Although the Inhumans is not set on  Earth it sort of gives a similar touch.

The show sets in the fictional planet called Attlian which is on the moon. It revolves around politics in the Inhumans world. The trailer shows that there are two different factions within the inhuman world. One that opposes the human race while the other that sympathizes with it. Liken the X-men this reminds us of Magneto and Charles Xavier who despite being best friends face of one another for having different mindsets.

The show as mentioned above is set to be released soon and it would be interesting to see whether fans would appreciate the latest show or just get bored by seeing familiar themes over and over again. Inhumans though has failed to generate reasonable hype, and has had a lukewarm response. However its still early days and the show may yet turn out to be a huge success.