6 Games Added To Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List – Dead Space 2 & 3 Included

Xbox One

The list of games that are backwards compatible for the Xbox One is increasing constantly as Microsoft are keen on adding classic gems from the previous generation to it. Microsoft announced that six new games will be added to the list and these are some pretty good titles. Dead Space 2 and 3 are part of these six inclusions and they follow the theme of the other releases. Survival-esque games are the focus for these inclusions as all of the games contain survival elements or hunting aspects.

Other games being added are Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts, Alaskan Adventure, Hunting Expeditions and Survival Shadows of Katmai. All of these titles will be updated to be backwards compatible throughout the day so there’s no need to worry if you cannot find them accessible on as of now.

The various hunting games being added is a nice approach by Microsoft as to bring diversity to the backwards compatibility list in terms of genres. Those users who originally had less popular titles might look forward to this as their favourite game might be the next one to be added to the list.

The inclusion of both the Dead Space titles will definitely appeal to the users as they were very popular games of their time. The original Dead Space was previously added to the list and these sequels will bring EA’s horror survival series back for more people to enjoy on their Xbox One. The entire trilogy being added to the list is a good way for people who missed out on the games to experience them now.

The Backwards Compatibility list has been growing abundantly since the last few weeks and it is a positive step by Microsoft. There are more great classics to be made available as the weeks progress and we are sure Microsoft will deliver. Stay tuned for more on this!