Latest Justice League Picture Possibly Shows Of The Hall Of Justice

Justice League


The Wolfhall takes a look at the latest pictures of Justice League which possibly depict The Hall of Justice

While Marvel has been at it for years, the DC universe is new to the union of super heroes as one unit. Marvel was able to far outpace its counterpart by greeting the world with a wide range of super hero movies. It was able to set up the Avengers brilliantly and seem to be far ahead than DC. While DC has been trying to follow suit it has struggled to ride along. Man of Steel and Batman Vs Superman weren’t as lucrative as expected but the universe is finally turn things around with Wonder Women. Now the Justice League is set for theatres this year.

But before the movie can be released on of the DCEU fans released some photos coming straight from the Justice League set. The photos depict an arch building which many of us are of the view that it may just be the Hall of Justice. Unlike the Avengers, who take their bidding from the government agency called Shield, the Justice League is an independent unit. The league not only fights battles but also has a lot of autonomy when taking strategic decisions. Well they have the Batman of course. All of these decisions are taken at the Hall of Justice where the league assembles and works out future plans and strategies.

According to the Heroic Hollywood this Hall of Justice would be located in Gotham is inspiration was taken from the Earth one version of the Hall. There are also speculations that this would be an important building such as the GCPD offers which would be refurbished so that the League could make use of it.

Fans can’t wait for Justice League hitting the big screen. If the Warner Brothers is able to pull this off correctly this may prove to be bigger than the Avengers.