A New Pokemon game Will Be Headed To Nintendo Switch

Nintendo NX


Many exciting new games were announced during Nintendo’s E3 showcase today, and they delivered some surprises like the upcoming Metroid Prime 4. Nintendo also confirmed that a new Pokemon RPG game is ‘now in development’ for the Nintendo Switch.

We already know about the recently announced Pokken Tournament DX, which was also featured during Nintendo Spotlight today. But this is going to be an entirely different and new core RPG Pokemon game, and is being developed by Game Freak. Game Freak is renown for developing every main title in the Pokemon series since 1996, when they released the original Pokemon Red and Blue.

Fans are already speculating whether or not the game is the rumored Pokemon Stars, a port of Pokemon Sun and Moon from the 3DS, or an entirely new game. The game will be the first main Pokemon RPG in the series to debut on a home console. A brand new Pokemon game and that too on the Switch is an exciting proposition. It will be interesting to see when the title comes out how it performs compared to the other Pokémon games

No further information was given regarding the game, except that it won’t be released till next year at the earliest. For more news stay tuned.