PS4 Might Be Getting Several New Games As Sony’s XDev Europe Teases Secret Projects

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Sony’s PS4 is so far having an amazing year , and it seems it will only be getting better

As Sony XDev recently went on to twitter to tease some new projects that the Europe branch might be working on to bring out this year. The tweet was about some games that the devs pitched to Sony president Shuhei Yoshida. There isn’t much information to go about for any of these games so details are scarce but Sony will be looking forward to show us a couple of these games at E3 2017 that is right around the corner.


XDev has been responsible for bringing many amazing indie titles to the PS4 by working with indie studios and developers and helping them to make their titles available on the PS4. This means that we will probably get some notable indie titles at E3 this year.

There have been games like LittleBigPlanet, Resogun and the likes of Beyond: Two Souls that have been brought to Sony’s consoles because of XDev. Detroit: Become Human is another example of a largely indie game being brought to the PS4 as it releases later this year.


The PS4 has had a largely positive year from developers with exclusives like The Last Guardian and Horizon: Zero Dawn, both of which received amazing reviews from critics. This E3 will only hold more of these titles with Sony releasing details about the new God of War and The Last Of Us 2 hopefully. XDev will probably look forward to bringing us with new and amazing indie titles to counter the indie market that is present largely on the Xbox One.


This will ultimately results in numerous AAA and indie titles being unveiled at E3 for both the PS4 and Xbox One as there are a lot of big names coming to the conference. Ubisoft, Bethesda, EA and Activision are all going to be there and we will get a number of unique titles from them.
For more on E3 2017 that is scheduled to be held in mid-June of this year, stay tuned!