Captain Cold Will be Returning In The Next Episode Of The Flash

The Flash

One of the most interesting characters of Arrowverse is none other than Leonard Snart i.e. Captain Cold. The debut of this character was in season 1 of The Flash and he has been with us ever since that season; the development of the character has been spread between both the shows; Arrow and The Flash and the journey with his presence has only been exciting. The character started off from a ‘cold’-hearted villain to an unprincipled one but his story came to a finish in the first season of Legends of Tomorrow when he basically sacrificed himself in a very heroic manner in order to save his team as well as ‘reality’/

It won’t be a shock to anyone if anyone ends up voicing the fact that we’re eagerly awaiting the return of Snart in Arrowverse because well, he’s super famous among the fans. The character is played by Wentworth Miller who has a super busy production schedule; juggling from Prison Break to Legends of Tomorrow, he has a lot to prioritize. Sadly for fans, this does not mean that he is back from the dead but it means that the Legion of Doom stole Snart from the past (before he came face to face with Barry Allen) and began to make him less ‘cold’ in order to turn him into a hero.

In the second season of Legends of Tomorrow, we saw a Snart that was in his cruelest demeanor and after the plans of Legions were countered, Snart was thrown back in 2013 with a washed brain and all set with a clean slate. It is already astonishing to know that Captain Cold is going to play the role of a leading character in the season finale of The Flash Season 3 but we are still unaware about which Snart is going to have Barry’s back?

The Return of a Legend

Although there were a lot of hopes and speculations that the return of Snart would mean that Barry undid his death during the explosion of the Oculus. Although this is an easy task for Barry as he could just run in and save Leonard by snatching him from the Oculus or by simply being thrown into the timestream by the Oculus. Besides, no one is really dead in superhero stories… But still, we were under the impression that the survival of Snart would be possible but well, let’s see what happens. In the new trailer released for The Flash Season 3 Episode 22 ‘Infantino Street’, it can be seen that Barry goes to Leonard for his assistance and the trailer also reveals the timeline that this event takes place in. Here is the trailer:

In the start of the trailer, we can see that Barry meets Leonard in order to request for his help and in the background, the Waverider can be seen and this tells us that this event took place before Leonard died. And perhaps, this means that Barry managed to contact the Waverider prior to the Legends travel to the Vanishing Point in order to go against the Time Masters.

This takes a lot of time trickery and a lot of questions are also raised with respect to the number of versions of Waverider floating in the timestream. Additionally, we are confused on how did Barry contact the Waverider at a particular time in the Legends’ personal timelines? Perhaps this question of ours will be responded to be a slight trip to S.T.A.R. Lab’s handy ‘future room’.

The Jeopardy of Time Travel

Since we all know that whenever Barry tries to do something with the timeline, something or the other goes wrong. Considering the fact that the Legends have already met up with Barry in the crossover ‘Invasion’, if Snart already knew about Savitar before his death then it’s possible that the Legends of Tomorrow did as well. Then why didn’t they inform Barry when they defended Earth from the Dominators?

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