New Details For Battlefront 2: Gameplay And Campaign Details Revealed


Ever since the full trailer dropped for Battlefront 2, there has been much talk about the details of the new single player campaign and what new things the multiplayer will bring in the sequel.

Thanks to a certain youtuber, “BattlefrontUpdates”, a number of details from the original transcript by Wccftech have been revealed. These details come straight from a Q&A that was done at the Star Wars Celebration event and they were withheld until now.

Here is all that was confirmed:

Single-player details:

– Members of Iden Versio’s Inferno Squad have differing abilities but you won’t be able to control them directly.

– Versio’s droid companion will also have a number of abilities and they’ll come in handy during specific situations.

– Playing as either Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren will offer a unique two-sided perspective on the main protagonist, Iden Versio.

– There’s a progression system à la the multiplayer but they’re not tied.

– The main campaign will have ground and space fighting as well as elements of choice, though it’s not yet apparent if that will impact the ending.


– Developer DICE has confirmed that gunplay will be a lot more skill-based this time around, with the mechanics having a level of depth that was evidently lacking in the last Battlefront.

– Additionally, you’ll now be able to aim down the sights rather than just hip fire weapons.

– Battlefront II will have a unique system around pairing that will be shared at a later date and it’s not a conventional partner/squad system.

– No dynamic destruction of maps as DICE does not feel it’s conducive with the source material.

– Lightsaber combat will feel substantively different with heroes reacting to opponent’s abilities more dynamically.

– Heroes now utilize a ‘rock/paper/scissors’ system, hopefully that allays the balancing issues found in the 2015 game.

– Disappointingly, you won’t be able to take-off or land any of the multiplayer’s vehicles but jet packs are now at least tied to specific classes/characters.

Check back again for more details about Battlefront 2 and let us know in the comments section about your thoughts on these revealed details!