5 Marvel Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Movie Or Series


With Marvel’s phase 3 progressing, several comic book characters are stepping into the spotlight. Black Panther, Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel to name a few have their own separate releases now. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe expansion underway, here are a few characters that we want to have their own solo movie or television series.

1. Blade:

It’s been years since since the short-lived Blade: The Series aired on Spike, the character went AWOL right after. Since Marvel has regained the rights to him, it’s expected that the character will be getting his own show on Netflix pretty soon. The first two Blade films saw huge acceptance among fans giving a Netflix show a broader built-in fan-base than other Marvel characters.

2. Cable:

A renowned comic book character, it’s surprising that the character hasn’t made it to the big screen yet. Cable is son of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and a clone of Jean Grey. He was sent to the future as a mere baby and returned to the present as an adult. Cable has incredible psychic powers, including telepathy, telekinesis and technopathy which makes him a cult among the fan-base. Given Cable’s complicated history, it’s unlikely for the character to fit in the X-Men Universe, however we do hope there’s a solo movie or a series planned for him in the future.

3. Black Widow:

Former SHIELD agent and current Avenger Black Widow has been a fan favorite since the very beginning. Although Black Widow has made several film appearances over the years, the character is unlikely to have a solo movie of her. The espionage heavy world that the character inhabits doesn’t really fit in with the MCU’s story line. However, a Netflix show on the character’s past as a complex KGB agent would make quite the headlines.

4. Spider-Gwen:

Spider-Gwen comes from an alternate Marvel universe where Gwen Stacy was bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker. Since then, she’s has met the same turn of events as Peter did in the originally. Her father dies, her boyfriend Peter dies, but she continues to carry out her responsibility as a superhero. The character came into the limelight recently, and fans have been speculating if Marvel has plans for Spider-Gwen in the future. A TV series seems most likely, which would be perfect in my opinion.

5. Ghost Rider:

Ghost Rider is stunt motorcyclist Johnny Blaze who sells his soul to “Satan” in order to save his father from dying. At night and when around evil, Blaze finds his flesh consumed by hellfire, causing his head to become a flaming skull. After two terrible Nicholas Cage films, the character went missing for a long while until it came on to Marvel’s Agents Of Shield recently. The character has been a huge success on the show, and has gained massive acceptance.. A separate Ghost Rider series would be immensely successful in my opinion, and would attract a massive following.

Do you have a favorite Marvel character that you would like to add to the list? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.