The Flash Season 3: Episode Title Hints At Savitar’s Identity


If you’ve been following The Flash Season 3 then you know that the first half of the season revolved around building the suspense of Doctor Alchemy and his master/god called Savitar. A few episodes ago, it was learned that Barry Allen’s colleague (or so-called boss) who despises meta-humans is the man behind the mask of Alchemy; however, the mystery of Savitar is still unsolved. The Flash was unable to get a time like ‘The Present’ in order to make viewers be so afraid once they take a closer look at the powers of Savitar and it is actually the reason why he is so so SO against Barry. As it seems to be, Barry is the reason for kind of defeating and also, trapping this mysterious meta in the future and the anti-hero tends to utilize its visionary understanding in order to battle The Flash.

We all know that Team Flash did not waste much time or effort in finding out that Julian has no idea that he is Doctor Alchemy. This is because he has been blacking out for years, and that has been happening since he lead an archaeological dig in India in order to figure out what the Philosopher’s Stone is. The suspicious Savitar administered to misuse the grief Julian remained in from his sister’s death in order to entice him towards the Philosophers Stone, take control of his body and then transform him into his infrequent underling. This didn’t let Julian find a way to reunite with his sister, however, he liberated the self-described god of speed who was basically the prime and initial speedster meta.

Sadly, Savitar was really fast for Team Flash to see (except for Barry, Wally and Jay Garrick of course). They defined a doohickey in order to permit themselves to have a conversation with Savitar via an unconscious and strapped-down Julian Albert and this was when he turned out to be super angry about The Flash being wrong about him at all times. A way was sought by Barry Allen in order to trap Savitar in the Philosopher’s Stone and this halted the antagonist to escape as the Stone can only be opened from the outside. Understandably, the god of speed was piqued that Barry Allen had impounded him for a seemingly particularly long time and he totally has the intention of striking back at Barry when he is in peril.  

The Philosopher’s Stone (including Savitar) were then tossed into the speed force by Barry and Jay which theoretically means that he is going to be contained in it for as long as time, however, Barry ended up showing up in the future and then popping back into the present. The Flash saw in the future, a devastating civility of a Savitar roaming around freely and this could explain why Iris West-Allen isn’t the author of the future newspaper article about The Flash. To nobody’s shock, Barry wants to interlude with time in order half this devastating reality from unraveling.

If we take into notice, Savitar’s knowledge of the future and what comes to pass the strongest possible speculation is that he is Barry Allen from a different Earth, however just how does it figure into everything else is yet to be deciphered . However take into account the fact that Savitar has uttered the words “I am the future Flash” which many speculate has a dual meaning. Furthermore the title of episode 19 is “The Once and Future Flash” , which really gives you a really strong hint about Savitar’s identity. Although take this as a speculation and nothing else . It was teased by Savitar one day that a friend of Barry is going to betray him while one will fall and one will receive a fate that will be even worse than death itself. Savitars intent was to steal back everything from Barry that was once taken away from him after which he will destroy everything that is dear to Barry.

This hateful meta is the 3rd speedster super villain in three years of The Flash and so the show had to get pretty crazy in order to turn him into an actual threat in a never-before-witness way. Besides, last year’s midseason finale had Zoom who broke Barry, paraded him around the city to shock and scare the sh** out of the citizens of Central City. Keeping that in mind, this year’s midseason finale had to get dark, disturbing and timid in order to overdo Zoom. Well, it succeeded. Maybe Team Flash has a pretty bad roller coaster ride in the second half of S3.

The Flash is going to return to your TV screens on The CW on 28th March, 2017. Stay tuned! Let us know of your thoughts in the comments section below.