CrossCode Is Now Available On Good Old Games


CrossCode is a game developed by Radical Fish and published by Deck13, and it is a true throwback to the 16 bit era in which you control Lea as she ventures through CrossWorlds which is a fictional MMO of the distant future.the 2D action RPG employs a immersive combat system and muzzle based mechanics to go along with an immersive Sci-fi story. The game is reminiscence of the 2D era and even includes a soundtrack inspired by old SNES and Playstation JRPGs.


“That’s a huge step for us”, said Felix Klein, founder of Radical Fish, “We’re honored by this and still cannot really believe that we were given this opportunity”. CrossCode was always designed with a DRM free approach in mind, which fits perfectly well into the GOG system.


The protagonist Lea is a mute who has lost her memory and the only way for her to regain her memory is by playing CrossWorlds, and as Lea ventures forward and interacts with other players a deep dark secret about CrossWorlds will be revealed as well.

The game has been on Steam for quite a while now , and is building quite a rapport with gamers , and now it is also going to be available on Good Old Games . Interestingly it is among the few games which have been accepted on this platform despite still being in development.

the game has been in development since 2011, and the team at Radical Fish has worked countless hours to release the Tech Demo. The trailer for the Tech Demo can be seen below.

The game is currently in Development , and the developers have been making regular updates available for the tech demo of the game available. You can play the game on your browser or download it for Windows by visiting the following link .

You can also alternatively check out the game on Good Old Games .