God Of War 4 : Cory Barlog Finishes First Full Play Through With The Leads

God Of War

There is still a bit of uncertainty  surrounding when God Of War 4 will be released and Cory Barlog and the folks at Santa Monica are doing their best to safe guard the game’s secrets only giving the fans little snippets of information.  This one however was a bit interesting to say the very least as he revealed that he had finished the first Play through with the leads, so does that mean that a 2017 release may yet be achieved?

While responding to fans Query Barlog revealed that he was excited as he had just finished the first full play through with the Leads. You Can See the Tweet attached below.

This comes a few weeks after Barlog had said that they had almost finished shooting for God Of War 4’s motion capture  however there were still a few things left to be done. Hence it will be interesting to see if the game is indeed released in the year 2017.

In other news God Of war 4’s E3 2016 trailer has also achieved a significant milestone, as it has become the most watched game related video on the American channel of PlayStation. In doing so it has bypassed Final Fantasy VII E3 2015 trailer. The significance here is the fact that new information might just be released once the trailer hits 15 Million views.

The God Of War series  will go down as one of the best franchises that has been released on the PlayStation , and it will be interesting to see how the new direction in the series fares once it is released presumably somewhere in 2017. For now though we can only speculate about the future.

So , what do you think about Cory Barlog’s announcement , and do you believe that the folks at Santa Monica will be able to finish the game in time for a 2017 release? Let us know in the comments section below.