Michael Pachter : Nintendo Is The Easiest Of The Big Three To Develop For


There have been rumors galore going around that porting games Xbox and PlayStation games to the Switch would be easy and now it appears that developers might also have it comparatively easy as well to develop games for Nintendo’s newest console Switch.

This is per Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter who in an episode of Pachter Factor stated that “I’ve actually heard from developers that Nintendo is the easiest of the big three to develop for.”

This is great to hear as this means more Indie and third party games will be making their way to the Nintendo Switch, furthermore it also means games will now be easier to develop for the Switch , considering the fact that in the past it was notoriously hard for developers to develop games for Nintendo consoles , especially during Hiroshi Yamauchi’s tenure who made it notoriously hard for third parties to develop for the N64 .

This actually gave Nintendo Devs an advantage as the could understandably make their games look a lot better than the competition. This in all likelihood means that there will be a ton of Indie games on The Switch which again poses the important question of what will the big developers do?

Pachter further went on to say that the issue that they will face is processing power, and if the  processor is a lot slower and does not have the same configurations and graphics capabilities then it’s a question of whether they dumb it down , or bottom up to build a brand new game.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Nintendo and its new console, and it will be interesting to see what it has in store for us come 2017.

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