The Witcher 3 Face Melt Glitch Is Hilarious

Witcher series

As is the case with almost every other game The Witcher 3 isn’t free from its fair share of glitches. With quite a few of these simply hilarious, the internet did what it does best and made compilation videos of the best ones. But just when you think you’ve seen it all this latest one is certainly worth your attention. At least that’s what the lads over at Reddit think so since they’ve had a field day with the latest glitch one user had discovered while playing the game.

While it’s actually supposed to be an attractive lady the glitch causes the face to get so distorted you can’t quite make out what it is. Some folks think it resembles Salvador Dali while others swear it’s Nigel Thornberry’s doppelganger. You can of course pass your own verdict after examining the image through this link.

When you take another look it might even look like a horse. Poor old Geralt will definitely be disappointed thinking he found some fair lass only to find himself staring at a melting woman. Fortunately for him though he’s used to seeing weird stuff like that.

Those that have played the game should surely be getting flashbacks of “Red Riding Hood,’ the woman with the red hood riding on a horse. She seemed to be pretty until she removed her hood and her face became invisible. But that didn’t seem to put off good old Geralt who continued the conversation with her.

There was another point in the game when a woman who tried to seduce our hero asked him to watch her dance. All seemed well as she elegantly danced to the beat until she turned and her body twisted in a queer manner. But once again Geralt was undeterred and continued to enjoy the spectacle.

The bottom line is almost every woman Geralt meets is weird in her own way which is probably why he has so many trust issues.