Zelda Breath of The Wild Rumored To Have June 2017 Release For The Switch In UK

The Legend Of Zelda


It seems that Laura Kate Dale is quickly becoming one of the most reliable sources of Switch rumors, and it appears as if she has another juicy tidbit for us as her insider info suggests that Nintendo are internally aiming for a June 16 2017 UK Breath of the Wild Switch release. Aiming Wii U for June 23 2017 UK.


The news does home some credibility as earlier it was suggested that Zelda Breath Of The Wild won’t be a launch title for the Switch, and that it would probably be a new Mario game which will take its place instead.

The rumored delay in the release is due to the fact that the game’s localization process is taking a lot longer than previously expected, and it is supposed to be completed by December, after which the game will be tested for 4-5 months. Bear in mind none of the information comes directly from Nintendo, and are credible rumors. Although Nintendo has confirmed that BOTW will release sometime around 2017, although no date has been confirmed.

What will be interesting to see is the fact that how the games sales fare as Nintendo are rumored to release the two games on two different consoles the Switch and Wii U. In my opinion this can be a good move as those who still own a Wii U and are unwilling to fork out the cash for Switch can still play the game, and this will only drive sales up, despite the fact that the game will be released on two different consoles within a week of each other.

What do you make of these latest rumors , and do you think that Zelda Breath Of The Wild rumors hold weight, let us know by commenting in the comments section below.