20 Movies In Line After Avengers 4



We take a look at what’s next for Marvel after the events that transpire in Avengers 4

Marvel and Avengers are huge brand names in the super hero film category. Marvel with Disney has managed to slowly but gradually developed a massive interconnected universe. Avengers: Infinity Wars in conjunction with Avengers 4 is the culmination of the fantasy universe brought to cinema screens by Kevin Feige.

Marvel throughout its films has gone on to weave an intricate plot , whilst having many central characters, who add to the combined storyline. It’s usually a culmination of these individual storylines into one mega event which provides the most satisfaction to cinema goers.

Humor is another element in the films that has augmented over the years. But in the upcoming Avengers film we might see a shift in the strategy and the overall dynamics

Our heroes are faced with a threat like no other. Thanos who might possess all the infinity stones will wreak havoc. There are rumors indicating that there are also some major deaths lined up posing question marks on the continuation of the Avengers with the current team.

Kevin Feige however has answered this question mentioning that the show wont be over after Avengers 4, in fact it just might be the beginning. As reported by Heroic Hollywood, Feige when talking to Vanity Fair regarding the issue said that “22 movies in, and we’ve got another 20 movies on the docket that are completely different from anything that’s come before — intentionally.”

The thought of 20 more movies is exciting. Fans will now get a glimpse of the new line of super heroes from the existing comics. We feel that the strategy for Feige will be the same as followed early. He might introduce all the new characters first before combining them in one team later.

So we may yet end up with the New Avengers after the culmination of Avengers 4. Let us know your opinions by commenting in the comments section below,