Destiny 2 Headed To PC?


After the release of Destiny: Rise of Iron last week the team at Bungie were expected to look towards the next title of the series.  Nobody thought would have expected details about the game this soon.

Destiny’s sequel is set to come to PC, according to Kotaku. A rumor first appeared on NeoGAF today which has been corroborated by developers “familiar with Bungie’s plans,” and Kotaku also states that Destiny 2 will “feel like a proper sequel.” neoGAF poster benny_a posted that they knew someone at Activision, and that they had learned that the company had started communicating early details on Destiny 2; this includes the game coming to PC. They also claim Vicarious Visions (Skylanders) and High Moon Studios (which collaborated with Bungie on the first Destiny) would also collaborate with Bungie on development. Kotaku says it’s verified these claims with its own inside sources.

Kotaku has also reported that the game could feature entirely new planets to explore, each containing towns, outposts and quests which are more engaging than those in the original game. Players might not be able to carry over their original characters to the sequel though, according to Kotaku.

Activision is yet to confirm anything about the sequel apart from a 2017 release date. Currently, the game is only available on console, with new expansion Rise of Iron available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One only.

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