Pokemon Sun And Moon Ultra Beast Update


The Pokemon Company recently released a trailer for its upcoming games “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon” in which they introduced a number of new Pokemon. The part which has appeared to hype up Pokefans however seems to be the introduction of Ultra Beasts..

The new additions are quite strange in appearance as they look neither Pokemon nor human, Although it will be interesting to see and learn more about these creatures that ignite fear in humans and Pokemon alike. The Pokemon Company has stated on its official website for “Pokemon Sun and Moon” that Ultra Beasts exist and the Aether foundation is conducting research on them. Despite their name the Ultra Beasts do not look as fearful as they sound; in fact some might even find them cute.

UB-02 Absorption, can only be found in Pokémon Sun. The horned, bug-like monster should be the choice for players who prioritize brawn over all else, and may influence them to choose Sun.

UB-02 Beauty is Pokémon Moon’s beast. It also has a striking resemblance to Lusamine, president of Pokémon research group the Aether Foundation, which has led to theories regarding the true nature of the Ultra Beasts’.



UB-01, the jellyfish-like creature will feature in both Sun and Moon. It is described as having a glass like body whose form constantly changes and whose movements resemble those of a young girl’s despite being emotionless.



Right now we know very little of these new creatures, but the Pokemon Company is expected to reveal more about theses Ultra Beasts. Since the game comes out in a little over two months from now players will be able to discover more by themselves if the Pokemon Company does not disclose any more information.

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