12 Months of Xbox Live For Just £24.99

Xbox One

Update: The Price on Amazon has now increased to £39.99, although the deal is still available at GAME

There have been plenty of great deals up for grabs thanks to Black Friday for console bundles and individual games from various retailers, so one could be forgiven for overlooking one of the best deals out there.

So without further ado let us get to the point: a 12 month subscription to Xbox Live is currently available for just £24.99! Note that the regular RRP for a 12 month sub is £39.99, which means you end up getting a discount of almost 50% here, no doubt a pretty decent a deal to say the least.

The deal is currently available on both Amazon and GAME ,remember to make sure you’ve clicked on the Online Code option and not the Physical Card option. You’ll immediately receive the code via email after which you can add the 12 months to your already-existing subscription from the account settings of the Xbox website, or by going to the ‘use a code’ section on the Store via your Xbox console.

Your subscription will allow you to play online on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360. You’ll also enjoy two free games for each system every month as well as all the free 360 games that are available on the Xbox One through backwards compatibility, which means that you’re actually getting four free games a month if you own the newer console.

In other news regarding the Xbox, there is a “Strong Demand” For Xbox One On Black Friday Says Microsoft. Also Xbox One Snap Mode Could Be Replaced Soon

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